Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving diary #9

Yesterday saw me retrieve a pile of boxes from our main source, the liquor store. ( I swear, our next neighbors are going to think we are a bunch of drunks when they see us moving in!) The kids in the truck are always an interesting oddity when I go there. "Are those all yours?" "How many do you have in there?!", etc... I don't mind. I just smile. I'm proud of my brood. :-)

From there we headed to Walmart and picked up a gallon of paint. Sesame. A nice neutral beige. I am planning to paint the boys' room and the living room the same color. My bedroom is already beige. Although my room is a slightly different (better, in my opinion) shade. I hope that isn't an issue. If I think it might be, I'll paint the living room to match my room instead of the boys room. There. Aren't you glad to know all that?

After picking up the paint, we came home for lunch and cleanup from lunch and a few minutes to regroup and then schoolwork. After schoolwork was laundry and starting dinner and by the time Steve was home late for dinner and that was finished and cleaned up I was already trying to talk myself into waiting till tomorrow to start the painting....

But, like a good girl, I got myself together and went in to the boys' room to start the edging. Now don't feel too sorry for me, I actually love to paint. It is relaxing (except when your four and five year-olds are following you around "helping") and gratifying--provided you're changing the current color, which I always do.

Steve started pulling up the linoleum and sub-flooring in the entryway of the house (a small area) after dinner. The boys helped him and he is paying them each $1 to finish it for him today. They are so excited, they would pay HIM a dollar to let them do it! :-) We are going to put ceramic tile there instead to match the other parts of the house. The boys get so excited and keep reporting to me that "Daddy is breaking yours house, Mommy!" They love it when I act astonished.

So, that was yesterday. Here is today's list:
  • Morning chores
  • paint trim (second coat)
  • patch wall dents all over the house
  • finish mowing (we had to buy a new mower because ours quit. Then, the new one literally blew up while Steve was mowing with it for the first time, spewing oil everywhere! Now we have another new one. Let's hope I have better luck!)
  • Schoolwork
  • Church tonight. (Kids have choir rehearsal and classes. My class is over so I get to relax a bit and wait for them. Ahhh...)
  • Come home from church and get something more done before bed. What it is will depend on what Steve wants. I may just be rolling the boys' room paint.


Richard said...

whew -- -- I need a nap!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Tetyana said...

When is your move date?

Lynn Falk said...

You even have time to blog...I'm impressed!

Melissa E. said...

Haha! I don't have time to blog! I just do it to delay the inevitable! :-)

...And our move date?
It's kind of a wierd thing. We don't have a new house yet but we are getting this house down to bare bones things and painting neutral colors, taking out family pictures and such. The idea is to make it sell faster and for the best price we can get.

Steve is talking of putting in an offer on a house today. We'll see. We are just looking for a place to live in and renovate to re-sell which takes a bit of the fun out of moving but not all of it!

Stange Family said...

from one who has recently gone through that process...I'm praying for you. If we lived closer, I'd have your kids come play with mine so you could work without interruptions...

Melissa E. said...

Thanks! It's the thought that counts, right?!