Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moving diary: # 5

The sun came out today, literally and figuratively. :-)

It was warm and Indiana Jones, all the kids and I got ourselves outside for one reason or another. Mine being less fun than the kids' but a little bit fun nonetheless. I painted the shutters. Luckily, I enjoy painting--particularly spray painting.

So, now my hands are sore and blackened to match the shutters giving just a bit of tell-tale evidence of my fervent efforts to restore our home's luster. :-)

I also painted a side table the same black with an extra can of spraypaint. I'll show you before and after pictures later. If I get around to it.

I think I did something else today. I just can't remember what it is. I just don't feel like thinking anymore today. Unless it is about this:

Thank you, Richard! :-)


Richard said...

You're welcome. ;-)

Tami said...

Mmmmmm..I think we need a recipe! ;>)

Mike said...

Is there a bite out of that cookie????

Melissa E. said...

Of course there is a bite out of that cookie! Heehee. But, in Richard's defense, it wasn't there when I opened the box. I think he showed great restraint, don't you?

BethPie said...

Oh, wow! You've been so busy! I pray that the rest of the moving process goes smoothly. :o)

Richard said...

You have NO IDEA how difficult that was. I too wondered when that bite was removed - and by whom.

Ginger was impressed that they made it to the point of a camera being available to document them.