Friday, April 17, 2009

Visit From the Eimers'!

Steve's parents were in town this past week visiting with their soon-to-be-adopted daughters, Tina, Selena and Yasmine. My goodness! Did we ever have a fun time around here! And Oh! the sad faces when Grandma and Grandpa and the girls left for New York again today!

Here are a few pictures of our time together:



All nine just before leaving time.

Grandma brought a Mama Chihuahua who is not much more than a pup herself and an actual puppy. Then, while they were visiting Steve's brother's family in Chattanooga, they bought another tiny puppy! Here is Tina, their middle girl, with the newer one.

Annette, Max, Yasmine, and the two teeny puppies.

Hannah and Selena in the front yard tree. These two, as the older kids, spent all their time together and were often seen sitting off talking or walking or doing anything that was 'just them'.
They mixed in with everyone else too. When Grandma and Grandpa left, I asked Hannah if she missed the puppies. She replied, "Yes, but I miss Selena more."

Yasmine, the youngest, with one of the pups.

Aww...Sleeping... (but not really)

And now grumpy! ( But also, not really. )

Ivy got this pretty new dress for her birthday from Grandma Eimers...

...I think she likes it!

Selena and the other pup.

Annette and Yasmine really enjoyed being together.

The dogs put up with a lot.

Ready to go...


Mike and Christie said...

What great pics of your kids and new little sisters! It must have been great fun! I love Ivy kicking her heels up with joy. :)

One of your sister's could be a little actress.... :)
Love the grouchy shot. :)

Maggy_Keet said...

Awwww how sweet! Those poor puppies. I remember doing that to kittens when I was little. Thinking I was loving them and taking care of them, when in fact...not so much. Love Ivy in her dress, she looks so beautiful!