Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moving diary: #s 3 and 4

So...I am already slacking. At this entry I have to cover two days. Three, if you count Sunday, but I didn't do anything at all that day so I am not counting it! (Steve did finish the pressure washing because the machine had to be returned Monday morning. )

Monday, we packed up the rest of the books, leaving a few for the interim but I do mean a few! We also cleaned out the girls clothes closet, leaving only a couple of shirts with long sleeves and the few short sleeved ones that they kept in there over the winter. We still haven't unpacked the summer clothes box so that will mean another evening of sorting when we do that! (They'll be getting into it for tomorrow's weather, though. :-) Today it snowed, tomorrow is predicted to be warm and sunny again! Gotta love Spring!)

Today was freezing cold--well, 40s and rainy/snowy. Steve's job for the day was cancelled so he was home to work more on packing. From all the stuff we've moved out, you'd think we wouldn't have much left. Au Contraire, mon frere...

As I am typing, we have finished packing the car and the kids are helping--no, make that returning from helping to unload the truck across the street at Number 11 A, as the boys call our storage unit. They love the job and Steve appreciates the help, you can be sure!

They took the train table (our favorite hand-me-down ever!) and some boxes of clothes in sizes nobody is wearing right now. They also took the easy bake oven and a big box of stuffed animals and games today. And what else?... Oh, yes, some things from the kitchen although I have barred Steve from packing much there since we are going to have a houseful of company next week with a visit from Steve's side of the family! I need my tools!

Tonight we are tired. Last night, I was more tired. Not a crier, I was on the verge. Now there's a big admission for me! I know it was just that there was mess everywhere. I know I live in a kind of controlled chaos all the time that most people, if dropped in the middle of it, would just melt but The key word there was 'controlled! Yesterday and into this morning, this house was just a disaster! To be expected with a big load of empty boxes mixed with kids' toys, coats and shoes all over the living room and school books all over the kitchen table (and under it some, too!) , the grocery shopping had been done that day with the result that I was already tired by the time it was time to make dinner and then clean up. The kids were stir crazy because it was cold and rainy out and it was a dreary kind of day on top of all that! Man, I sound like a whiner! I just kept telling myself, tomorrow.... tomorrow...once we are settled....etc...

And you know what? I was fine this morning. In fact, I was feeling much better before I went to bed! I decided that a couple of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk were just what I needed. And you know what? I was right! ;-)

We made enough progress today that it is starting to feel less cramped around here. That is the best part of moving! I have been sorting through things as I go and I know it won't all make it into the new place. The feeling of sparseness is practically addictive to me! Not that I am there yet.

And now, goodnight!


Richard said...

There is not one envious bone in my body for your activities of the day. (Except for the CHOCOLATE chip cookies)

Lynn Falk said...

Yesterday I was feeling stressed with all that needed to be done before heading to TN Thursday. I felt so overwhelmed and the boys were just making one mess after another. That kind of day... But, your post made me realize I really don't have that much to do! I wouldn't want to tackle a job that size any time soon!

Is there anything chocolate chip cookies and a good sleep can't fix? Always works for me!

Tami said...

Aaaaahh...the memories. I'm experiencing few little post-traumatic episodes just reading your posts...and if Shad has his way we may be getting ready to go through it all over again! Ack!